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Workgroup CRM

Bostel PRESENTS Workgroup CRM, Customer Relationship Manager App priced for anyone.

Bostel Media Answer

Bostel PRESENTS Bostel Media Answer. Get a Live Receptionist Answering your Calls.

Bostel Services

Bostel PRESENTS Bostel Services. We’re Here to Support You Every Step of the Way!


With Bostel Communications Services
You Can Focus on your business & get More For Less.

Bostel CRM

 Our Customer Relationship Management “CRM” App is one of our company's flagship products that delivers to our customers an enterprise-level application that connects directly to all of our lead generation services and tools. The App instantly provides all leads generated to your team and helps manage all business sales cycle areas, guaranteeing that you soar to your business's success. The Bostel CRM App is affordable to anyone.  Click to learn more

Bostel Services

Our Bostel Services, at a very affordable cost, is for those of you that just need a little help to make sure you have the best experience with our products. We know that all of us have a talent and usually not with the tools we need to make our business function the best. So, we can manager your CRM account and users, Set up and design reports. Or just give you training to get started. We are here to serve you, for your success. Click to learn more

Media Answering.

Our Media Answering Services offers a suite of services, from our 800 numbers service, Live Answering of your calls, To our flagship AI “Artificial Intelligence” answering system, Bostel Voice our AI answering system, is an enterprise-level application product that can be custom tailed to answer your calls 24/7/365 days in your business tailed needs even multiple languages, helping you manage your business calls. Click to learn more


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