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As managers, designers, developers, or CSRs “Customer Service Representatives,” Our employees have over ten years of direct experience in the Marketing and Media Center industry, with most of the work focused on Digital Marketing and Call Center Outsourcing. Our teams provide a wide range of social media services, SEO, SEM, PPC, Data Scraping, and Email Marketing, along with inbound and outbound call services. Our services help you obtain and maintain long-term business relationships with your clients, no matter where they are from. Christianity is in our hearts, and we carry a strong desire to serve you. As Bostel’s employees, we are motivated to facilitate the direct relationship between you and your customers.

We Support Micro & Small Business

Real Estate100%
Pet Grooming100%
Lawn Care100%
Auto Mechanic100%
Personal Assistance100%
Personal Trainer100%

Digital Marketing & CRM Tools and Services

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Digital Marketing

Our Social Media services have many options and strategies associated with our: SEO, SEM, PPC, and Email Marketing. Using our CRM "Customer Relation Manager" App, you can get your organized leads directly on any mobile device., Let our Digital Marketing experts help you get creative with a variety of marketing tactics on a budget. We can help get your business get the exposure needed to start to bring in new fresh sales:

Lead Generation

In order for your team, to continuously close sales, there must be a steady influx of quality leads. Potential clients don’t always seek out lead generation services. Moreover, small companies teams can’t always generate leads if they’re too busy trying to close existing opportunities. That’s where our Digital Marketing lead generation services with our CRM App can make a difference in a the ability to convert more prospects into clients.

Appointment Setting

For many small businesses, from doctors offices to personal trainers to financial advisers to nail salons, your calendar is the core of your operation. Excellent appointment scheduling services can make the difference between making efficient use of your time and sitting idle when you could be generating revenue. A well-scheduled day makes the best use of one of your business's most valuable resources. Your time.

Order Taking

If you have products to sell, our call handling service keeps the phone lines open for your customers. And if you're selling online, a virtual receptionist can help prevent abandoned shopping carts by being there to answer the questions that are giving your customers doubts. We interface with your existing order-taking system, so you can make sales around the clock, even when your physical business location is closed.

Lead Capture

Every visit to your site, PPC "Pay Per Click," email campaign, and or calls are all prospect leads, and every lead is a potential conversion. When you don't get that lead, that lead goes to someone else. Using our CRM mobile App with any of our marketing channels, that information will be captured, and our CRM AP or virtual receptionists will make sure you don't miss out on new opportunities, day or night.


Our virtual receptionists answer your phone lines in your business name. We take a message with all the details you require to return the call at your convenience. Get your notifications instant and organized with our mobile CRM Customer Relationship Management App or by e-mail or SMS, and access them from anywhere you are.


We at Bostel Communicationsstrive to provide reliable & affordable services by honoringChrist and the work He has given us, maintaining honesty and integrity in all of our values.

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