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BostelCRM App

Enterprise CRM App Priced for Small Business, We’ve made it simple & visual with all you need in one place.

Bostel Customer Relationship Management “CRM” App

Bostel CRM is the right work group tool that maximize the value of every customer and prospect lead.

Our CRM App is an enterprise application that gives you all the tools you need to run your small business from your mobile device. This is the ideal App for running your on-road or at-home business; For more information on how CRM App would help you, see FAQ section. Click Here

see below the main features included.

✔ Self Configuring to your Size, Laptop or Mobile Devices
✔ Work Group Access with Data Change Log Tracking
✔ Multi User Work Group for Instant Data Sharing Work-Load
✔ Bilingual Interface in English or Spanish
✔ Easier access to customer and Lead Data
✔ Digital Marketing Lead Data Directly Uploaded as Leads
✔ Create and Tracking of Leads, Calls, Tasks, Meetings, Notes and Sales
✔ Create Calendar Appointment Setting for Calls, Tasks and Meeting
✔ Programable Alarm Reminders and Notifications
✔ Notes with Picture Taking or Image upload with Built-in Powerful Editors
✔ Notes with Picture Taking with Geo location data auto transcribed
✔ Notes with easy Audio Note Taking
✔ Sales Module, with Quote and Invoicing Standard and Custom Forms
✔ Easily Email Direct from App, Quotes, Invoice or Reports
✔ Product Module to Organize Product and Services Grouping
✔ Opportunities Tracking of Projects and Contracts
✔ Customer Modeling prediction and Self-optimizing
✔ Management of your business pipeline from lead to closing with ease
✔ Customization to fit your needs
✔ Productivity and efficiency increase
✔ Enhancement of customer service and retention
✔ Easy to use GUI Graphic User Interface
✔ Cross Platform, Web Browser, Android and Apple IOS

Coming Soon Call Center Services!! Get our CRM App for free by purchasing one of our call center services, and start discovering the power of our CRM, putting you in hyperdrive to grow your client base faster than ever.

Our call center is the only English/Spanish Media Center service that gives you a FREE App for instant notification of leads. The App fits most, if not all, business requirements wherever you are.

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